Navajo docs
Two Phoenix doctors, Stephen Stein and Keith Braun and orthotist Les Mattingly have travelled the vast Navajo reservation in northern Arizona donating their time and services to treating children with congenital challenges

Dr. Stephen Stein examines a 2-year-old Navajo child for signs of hip dysplasia while her mother comforts her.

Dr. Keith Braun examines the foot of a 2-year-old Navajo girl with the help of her mother.

Drs. Braun and Stein reflect the stress of their mission at the Ganado medical center.

Dr. Stephen Stein evaluates one of his patients after fitting him with braces.

Orthotist Les Mattingly examines the fit of a leg brace on a Navajo child at the Ft. Definace medical center.

Dr. Stephen Stein records his notes after examing a Navajo boy.

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Les Mattingly fashions a cast on the leg of a young Navajo.

Mattingly holds his patient after fitting him for a leg cast.